Friday, April 3, 2015

Two Sides. One moment.

I want to feel that I am satisfied with everything I have in this life.  I also feel like owning an Audi and put a logo of Gandhiji on the rear glass. I also want to stand on the Akota-Dandia Bazar Bridge at midnight with my friends and I also want to be a person of some importance who cannot stand there.
There is so much love to give and so much love to take I feel. There are so many people around me to take care of and to keep caring about them unconditionally. There are some whom I want to beat. I want to practice non violence but it doesnt take a second to kill a mosquito which is about to bite me. I want to call my gym instructor and join from like next day but I even don't have a problem in me being this lean. I am lazy at times. I also can't stand indiscipline. I like to be in command. I also like when someone takes up the charge and I have to listen. I love who I am. I like to imitate her because I love her. I want to take a day off. I like being random. I also like to be very much on schedule. I like to over work. I wish to go for sky diving. I feel possessive. I feel they are beautiful. I also like to be the most boring person. I dont like to share my people. I love when people grow and meet new people because of me and become best friends. I continuously felt so much for a friend who lost someone important. I couldnt gather courage to talk or even write properly to say what I felt. I work hard I feel. I see people working harder than me. I love silence. I can't stop talking. I don't realize why some people dont stop me. I am still writing. I dont know why I am writing. Are you reading? Why are you even reading till here? I think there is some cosmic connection if you read till here. I dont even know what is going to happen in the next cosmic connection.