Friday, September 4, 2009

Beyond The Obvious

Our day to day affairs make us so busy that we don’t think or we don’t get time to think of things which we can really do. It is said that every human on earth comes with a definite goal.
A purpose, something that he has to achieve!

I have been coming across such a big lot of people who have lot of potential in themselves which if they explore in themselves they can create a genius out of them, but there is something that stops them. What stops them, no one knows, even they themselves don’t know.

When you discover some potential in someone and try to push them towards that for their own good, they are reluctant. They simply want to avoid it. Some are busy in their not so needed things to do list, some try to postpone it and some just don’t do it!

If stretched out some say, my purpose of life is to see my mother, father, and my family happy. They should not have any pains or sufferings and I can provide a security to them. Isn’t that a fundamental thing which is not needed to be said?

That is the Obvious.

Above that if you ask them, they don’t have an answer.

A good job. A good family. A Happy Family.

Is that all?

I have been having the same breakfast, same conversations, same movie and music talks, same stories of politics and pollution from at least 20 years now. I just wonder how a person who is 20 years ahead of me can be happy doing the same things which I am already bored off.

No doubt he has a good job, a good to do family, he is happy?
Is that all we are making a future for?

Asking within himself, leaving the society and the societal issues away,

Is he really h-a-p-p-y?

Why don’t we think and ask ourselves a question.