Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do They ?

Beaten and broken,
Starved and hid,
By the very people,
Who should love them,
People don’t understand that
some children live that life.

Tied to machines,
Until their work is done,
For no pay,
For no food,
But they keep working,
And pushing,
Until they can push no more.
Living in sewage,
Sharing a home with the rats,
praying for it not to rain.
Children really DO live like that,
they live their whole lives in shame.
It's not their fault,
but they don't understand.
They've never known a different way.
They're used to the hunger,
and used to the pain.
But they don't deserve it -
Do They?

The Underprivileged Kids

Credits: DeviantArt