Wednesday, November 23, 2011

empowered female! are you?

In a very interesting conversation about women empowerment in the two different societies.

Talking about empowerment in a slum,
there was a woman who earned the living for the house but still her husband used to sexually abuse her, harass her and hurt her physically. She said she cannot leave him because at the end of the day he is her husband and she has to earn a living for her kids to get a good future for them.
You might say she needs to be strong, she needs to understand her rights, she needs to be empowered.
You are not wrong. You might not be completely true too.

Talking about empowerment in one of the most elite families of the city,
there was a woman who is a wife to billionaire and has lots of property on her name. On asking her to give away one of her properties for some good work she couldn't give an answer to it. She said she will have to ask her husband. The property is in her name. She is educated and sensible enough to take her decisions herself just like her husband, but her decisions are not independent. She is dependent for taking decisions of her own wealth.
You might say its a family decision or various other things. But even after being educated and aware enough to take her decisions she is not independent.

Are the females of these elite sections of society, need to empowered?
I think yes.

- This is out of a conversation from last week, the lady who brought around this question works for empowerment of more than 2500 women.
Empowering not just economically, but with values!