Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Interesting Schooling

Children who have dropped out from government schools or are not going to schools at all come to this beautiful place spread on 39 acres of green cover, with more than 50,000 trees already planted and a lake with a vision of making this place self- sustainable.
It is the Xavier Centre For Migrant Workers, Waghodiya, Vadodara.

Along with the amazing 20 minute walk one of the spaces which captured my attention was the design of classroom. 150 children studying together under the same roof without any 'shor - gul' and most important without any partitions between two black boards.
They don't teach according to the age group, they teach according to the caliber. One of the reasons which I felt for not having partition was to make 14year old study alphabets with a 8 year old along with his friend of his age sitting next to him.
No inferiority complex and learning becomes fun!

It was also amazing to see girls learning Karate moves. Trust me, some of them had deadly moves! ;) (kidding)

Also the school promotes the NIOS model of education of Central Government which I personally recommend and believe to be one of the best education system in comparison with the current schooling.

Personally, I love and would prefer this form of schooling for children.