Friday, April 20, 2012

Quotes from living legends!

I have always been wondering. Every time someone tells a quote, motivational message - ninety five or more percentage of time that person is not alive. They are some great people whom I have not witnessed alive.

People still use quotes of Gandhi, Einstein, Mother Teresa, etc. I am not saying anything to reduce the importance of their work or their contribution to the society.
I always has there been no one born in last 50-60 years whom we can idealize or learn something from them?
No one did any substantial work for mankind?
Ofcourse not!
There have been many!

May be were too much busy with ourselves that we forgot putting them on the positive thoughts or motivational messages or awesome people web networks.
Specially we miss out on people who are alive, still among us and can inspire us and take us to the next level!

Fortunate enough, I am blessed with such living legends around me.
So here is what I have decided. I am meeting all these heroes for a project I am working on and soon will be putting up quotes by them on the web networks so that you can not only read and be inspired by them, but also find an opportunity and right time to go and meet them, talk with them work with them!

Hows that?
Do you know such living legends? Who inspire you, motivate you, help you from problems and keep you positive?!
Do share the best things they have told you !

I remember one such from a friend Harsh Rao when we were doing our graduation
"Always opt for a career for something that you like a little less because what you like very much, you will anyhow do that in the best way! This way you can master two things instead of one. "