Thursday, May 24, 2012

the idea book

thinking is something which simply doesn’t stop. I don’t know if there is any point in life when the mind is not thinking.  Even when we sleep, we dream! So its not just the heart that functions all the time but its mind too.
“What’s on your mind?’’ , therefore sounds so perfect!
on some random day conversations with Amitbhai – we were talking about so many ideas but I knew it is limited to a conversation only.
So many good ideas and potentially world changing are discussed on the coffe tables and chai-kitlis everyday!
Also I remembered from the video where Jayeshbhai says, “There are so many ideas, good ideas which can change the world, the need is to implement. Implement where you are!”
my brain thinks a little more than necessary.
and its ideas, ideas which can be wacky, creative or a change maker!
Keeping an idea book is what Amitbhai suggested! clicked me! ofcourse I will try maintaining it but I am not sure if it can help me!
giving a try!