Monday, June 4, 2012

Ghazal No. 378

Hafez said let know:
We do not accuse, we do not backbite!
We do not divide- all in black and white!
We do not stain others’ fame and name.
Yet, of holiness, we have no claim!

Wealthy or deprived, the wrong is same for all.
And wrong remains wrong, the big or the small.
We try, we task, to avoid it all!

And we don't insert- fallacy in science.
We do not confuse- the fictitious with truth.
We do not compile- the trick, the mundane–
with genuine arcane!

The wheel of fortune,
is often hostile- to savant and wise, mastering their art.
In such baseless sea, floating unaimed, we put no trust.

Do not mind- the spiteful talks of jealous rivals.
We have no regard- for words of imbeciles!

This is my advice, do as Hafez does:
In all hearsay, he ignores false and lies.
But with truth and fact, Hafez never fights.
Even if it comes- from the foes’ mouth!

~Hafez (1325 – 1389): Ghazal No. 378