Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kindness in Chandigarh

Across India – we have one thing in common along with corruption and other things.
Helpful nature, kindness and generosity

We were on our way to Baddi (Himachal Pradesh) via Chandigarh from Delhi for a press conference scheduled. We took the last bus from Delhi for Chandigarh.  In 15 minutes of the bus ride we assumed a few things about the driver
1.       He was Haryanvi Jaat
2.        He valued people’s time a lot
3.        He thought he was driving an air plane

4.        He wanted to give all the passengers that they’re sitting in Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl
Upto some extent we were correct. The estimated route of 4-5 hours between Delhi – Chandigarh was accomplished in 3 hours.  At 3am we were standing in Chandigarh with no clue what to do next.
We texted the professor if he can send us the university car which was scheduled to come at 5am. He asked to wait for 15 minutes. We got a call in 15 minutes from the professor asking where are you?
He himself came down to pick us up. We were surprised and a little embarrassed too. Baddi is around 45 minutes from Chandigarh. The guest house was at the University- we were like is he driving us there right now?

No – He took us home at 4am in the morning!
Gave us a room to sleep. 
All this was completely unnecessary for a senior professor.
When we woke up in the morning his mother had made a delicious breakfast for all us as we had a long day ahead. 

I had no idea I would be using my camera from early morning but definitely couldn’t miss out on clicking a picture with the family whom I never know would be meeting again or not.

so much for strangers! : )