Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Royal Simplicity

Yesterday evening was indeed beautiful. One of my school-time friends was getting married. With the backdrop of temples at Kirti Mandir, one could already get the feel of the royal ambience as you enter the place.
Beautiful floral decorations, jal tarang and shehnaais. Simple and Elegant. Everything.
Amidst everything there was a very simple yet very royal entry of the King and Queen of Vadodara to bless the couple.
I was wondering what if it was someone from film industry, politics - people jumping on them etc..
Nothing happened. Also whatever it maybe and whatever people can think about it - It is really something to be blessed by the King and Queen at your wedding.

Also something very reflective in this case was the bride and groom. As of what little I know them even they are similar sorts. Quite, simple and good people and that's why they attract similar people.