Friday, November 15, 2013


Right from school to college and after that and during those years, life was all about friends, dreams, work, passions, hobbies and with everything was a little bit of the family. From last few months or maybe an year or so I must say, it has been all about family. Very rarely it has had happened that dreams and friends are given a second priority, I know this only for a while where we juggle from the two sides and then comes a balance. A balance where you equally distribute your responsibilities and things you love to do and keep doing all of it. A lot of things and quite some people you leave behind but I don't think you leave it behind, I think if it was supposed to with you, it would be with you.There are times when I had to tell Ajinkya and Jay that I can't come for our random night outs or tell Harshal that I can't come for our Friday Night movie but all of them are still there. Not everything is left behind after all.
I am amazed, obliged, over whelmed and so so so thankful to this people whom we call family. They all were always there, don't know why I missed out seeing them all the way.