Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Drinking Issue...

While growing up, I never had a slightest idea that I am going to be surrounded by so many people who are my friends who drink alcohol. Its always a weird state of affairs when a drinking plan is being made or its a drinks party which is going to happen or some occasions where it doesn't get finished without it.

The whole idea of getting drunk is dismissed like a thousand times. I don't know why that one thing becomes so important for people. This are not even people whom I don't know. This are people whom I have known so well, grown up with them and they have got into the idea of partying bole toh daaru peekey talli hona maangta hai!

There is so much more to do in the world on a saturday night or for that matter any time. Also one of the other issue which always keeps striking my head and being continuously exposed to the community and people on the grassroots. Places where you have seen intense violence in the families, females being beaten, deaths because of cheap liquor and families getting destroyed under debts because of the so called drinking habits.
It has had a deep impact somewhere. For my friends or people who can afford it can always be a party mode thing but when you have seen the other side too it becomes hard to understand that definition of partying with that same element.