Friday, September 5, 2014

the daily routine break.

When did this daily routine began and I started making myself accustomed to it. I dont know. It all began. The step by step process. Being nostalgic is the worst thing to do. It stops, halts you, maikes you cry, breaks you down and then you have to read a book or talk to a friend who charges you up again and you are back to the daily routine. 
So many book reading breaks I used to take. Start reading Dan Brown and I was fixed up into my room for two and  a half days. No college. Only basic food. No bath breaks till evening. No sleep too. It almost feels like a privilege now. Same when I first started watching Dexter or The Mentalist or Sherlock. The whole season full stretch. No break till its a headache. 
Even a break needs to planned now before 15-20 days and then out of every five such plans one becomes a reality. 
Such is life. 
The whole quest of making it interesting makes us all do so many things. the rights, the wrongs, the fields in between, search, search, search...