Friday, September 5, 2014

the showstopper of life!

In the longer journey of life, its the people around you who play a very important role in shaping with what all you can do with your life. If you are super lucky you get some really amazing people around you who keep on drilling to take out your best and you also get people who will always be there no matter whatever you ( wait! not everything!) do.
Its been series of fortunate decisions to have foram around me all the time. In the most nonsensical phases of mine where I must have behaved like the craziest shit alive on earth and still being around. Matlab, goes away for a while if things done are pretty nasty but still on the manaofying phase and then to get back together has always pushed me to make myself better than what I am.
When I see her, she is everything but perfect and I am a learner, a follower, take a lead at times but not a show stopper like her. What better than having to learn everything for a person who is next to you always. It scares me to. Scares like hell, because with every passing day I am becoming so much addicted to her that it somewhere creates fear of things which I dont even want to write.
To juggle up between your own responsibilities, dreams, passions and her has been a challenge so far!
 It has been beautiful so far!
 Thankful to every energy that is making this possible.
picture credits to the dearest: Rahul Parikh