Monday, March 16, 2015

Social Media - Personal - Professional

One of the very important thing which I have learnt [half of my blogs start with this sentence] working with tools of social media for your professional work is to smartly divide your personal network of friends, checking the news feeds updates, likes, comments and chatting with them which can directly affect your performance. You wouldn't even know when did you divert into something else totally not important at that point of time.

You have your nursery school friend, your crush, your ex boss, your best friend, your best friend's wife, your distant relative aunty, all right there to talk or tell you something about their lives and you have your work.

Working on a solution for this - I think the most easiest thing to do is to create an admin account to handle the work pages which doesn't friends on it.
Let's see if it works!

Hello Monday! : )