Monday, February 8, 2016


A fantastic piece of story telling can inspire you, make you happy, encourage you, energize you and evoke many other emotions in you. There is one such emotion which came out for the first time even after loving everything in that story very much. 

I saw Tamasha twice and fell in love with the songs. "Agar Tum Saath Ho" piercing deep inside. What Tamasha did to me was it brought me very close to reality. So near that I couldn't handle that reality. The reason I couldn't was because it was pure truth. Very similar to the scene where Ranbir Kapoor is talking to himself in the mirror. 
It reminded of the film The Perfume. I am not sure why I could connect the inner emotion of that movie with Tamasha but it did. For creating the fragrance he can't let the person live who is giving the fragrance. The creation which leads to ending the life of the source which is the reason of the creation's existence.
The emotion which Tamasha evokes in me is intense.
 It is Intense sadness. 
Something which I can't bear it to live the duality of the reality and parallel reality I am living. Either I have to cross the barriers myself and invent and bring out a person whom I don't know or keep that away because that way - you don't want to hurt people around you. 
All I want to say to myself and Imtiaz Ali is Tamasha, you are so beautiful that I can't have you. 
I have to take this journey somewhere else and I know you will come back to me at some point of time in life when I am ready.