Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bring back to life

Been to Hampi two weeks back. Beauty of ruins being sold to people who want to see new places and it was all good till you are sitting on the top of the base of the palace imagining the grandeur and beauty of the place when it would have been existing once.

After which you go to find the famous cafe called "The Mango Tree" which definitely serves good food but you can't avoid the smell which comes from the open sewage lines created in between all the jumbled up home stays and finally all the trash and water ends up in the Tungbhadra river.

I am more than thankful to Shivya of recommending Uramma Heritage Homes in Anegundi. A small boat ride from Hampi, smallest till date and there you are in a different place. A small, early morning village life, soft and amazing people of Anegundi village who give you all the peace, affection, care and safety you are looking for.
Like Come on, when was the last time when you had your Stay Manager come on a bike to help you find the right road because you are lost and going on a completely wrong direction. Its good to be lost around Anegundi though because its all beautiful landscapes and fresh air.

All in all, thanks to Hampi. I found Anegundi. I could love the boulders and the ruins for a day or two but after that its a little too overwhelming. Anegundi had atleast everything that I was looking for.

The to and fro happened via Bengaluru where my cousins were living. Total software guys. Loved to see them after a real long time. Bengaluru is a city with a different pace. Not very fast. Still active. A lot of traffic jam. Still has the calmness. This city works hard in silence. Not a lot of shor about everything that they are doing. Importantly dint find laziness much and no unnecessary rushing around.
because she wanted a picture where she is pushing the stone on the society for being stupid! 

This is what I miss in Vadodara. I find a lot of laziness in this city. People can work but they don't want too. Lack of speed in Vadodara is not because of any other reasons except for laziness of people. Vadodara has it own pace, I agree. I am not trying to or wanting to compare Vadodara with any other city but the laziness is something that people here really need to improve on. Its a completely different story when it comes to breaking traffic rules and showing arrogance and power over people smaller than theirs individual capacities. Its a different Vadodara I am seeing these days. I hope to not see more of it. I want this city to come back to life.