Monday, November 9, 2015

The Joy Ride Diaries

Like just another day at Handmade Hope office we were sorting the paper bags when the phone rang. At the other end was, the person calling from BBC World Wide Hindi. The lady on the phone said that they had watched our video of ‘JOYRIDE’ and liked it and would like to ask few questions regarding the event to write about it. She continued and asked me about the Blue bird foundation, Role of the foundation in this event, Role of the foundation in general, how did the idea came up, who initiated etc…

I gave her the brief about how we work and how we encourage the new ideas from the individuals and conduct events for the causes and that is how we got in touch with Sunny, Rahul, Adit and others (People who came to us with the idea of doing this event of ‘Joyride’). She was positive with the response and offered to do a shoot with us and told me they would be sending camera man for it. I agreed and next day the team and a camera man was here, he posed questions to us (Me, Sunny & Rahul) about the event, about ourselves, how we did it, what inspired us, our education background etc.. So with few impromptu questions about us, the video of joyride, shooting at our office and few other places of Vadodara and they left!

After a day, another call from Ms. A, the BBC executive.  She told me they really liked the concept and our video and would like to call us for the gala shoot at Mumbai. It was absolutely overwhelming because the event we had done was kept much low profile by us, except on our facebook pages and blogs, it wasn’t much shared around we believed. But well, God had different plans. It reached to BBC team.

Three days were left for the shoot at Mumbai and once again the call from Ms. A. She broke the news that the shoot they did with us and the questions they asked and the invitation to Mumbai studio was all happening for the show ‘Aaj ki raat hai Zindagi’ for Star Plus and they are planning to feature us for that with none other than Mr. Amitabh Bacchan. It was completely a magical and moment. Oh boy! I couldn’t believe my ears. It was much overwhelming and surreal because it was so unexpected. I never thought the event; Joy Ride would be such a hit.
We were suppose to keep it confidential until the shoot happens, so except family nobody really knew. It was one of the most triumphing moments. We were counting days for MUMBAI and to see Mr. Bacchan in real.